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Why is so popular? is an online destination for hotels, B&B’s, Self Catering and holiday rentals. It is one of the most powerful and established online sites for travelers.

Establishments list their places on to provide a service to travelers. This international platform has become so reliable not only in feedback from guest reviews about establishments but also because of the discounted prices.

Leading hotels and small B&B’s are competing for customers but this is very enticing to the customers as it allows them a wider selection of properties at a discounted price. It also allows small businesses to grow and it motivates popular hotel chains to keep up with growing and changing trends. has an every expanding international client base. It is highly recommended to list your establishment on
this popular site.

How do you know that you will enjoy your holiday in a foreign country?

You’ve decided to travel and explore another country but yet you do not know what to
expect. The brochure looks great and the selection of hotels are superb but how do you
know that you will have a 5 star experience?

People look to one another for feedback on almost everything, word of mouth is one of
the most powerful forms of marketing. This is why TripAdvisor has become very popular
and successful. Travelers as well as hotel establishments and restaurants benefit from
customer reviews. It encourages travelers to stay in a certain place and it motivates
hoteliers to listen to their customers. In turn providing a better travel and
destination experience.

TripAdvisor has several offers and deals to promote establishments, restaurants and to
motivate travelers to trust the reviews that are shared on their website.

Thanks to TripAdvisor traveling to a foreign country is simple and transparent.

Can we really trust Mrs.O Around the World’s travel advice?

Can we really trust Mrs.O Around the World’s travel advice?

Ana Silva O’Reilly is popularly known as Mrs.O Around the World, she’s famous for her love for travel and provides her expert opinion about luxury hotels and all things ‘luxury’. Her loyal followers trust her advice and happily share her experience, but should you?

The Internet and social media sites are crawling with content that can be misleading, leaving a wake of victims behind. We’re commanded to ‘shop here, buy this, stay here, you won’t regret it’ but unfortunately many people do end up regretting their choice. People have found a way to ‘guide’ each other and provide a helping hand by leaving their opinions and ratings about restaurants, accommodation, apps, movies, you name it and people can tell you what they think. This is a privilege for which most are grateful and thanks to Trip Advisor, and similar sites, establishments are forced to ‘put the money where their mouth is’ which in many cases has raised the bar and provided added value to their customers. Social media provides a two way communication between the service provider and the consumer. Which leads me back to my question, should we really trust ‘expert advice’? What can Mrs. O Around the World offer consumers, is she ‘one of us’ or is she setting us up so she can earn commission from establishments that pay well, just so we can fall into another trap? Here’s what I’ve learned about Ana Silva O’Reilly, she’s an educated, hard working and intelligent woman, she’s opinionated and fair which has earned her a spot in the top 10 Best Luxury Travel Bloggers winners for 2014, determined by popular vote. But most of all she is honest, she basis her experience on value and sincerity which is why she has an army of followers. It is not in her interest to mislead people, she will provide a clear understanding and genuine report on her ‘luxury travels’. I’ve also become aware of how influential she is to other bloggers and how much her years of experience in her field of expertise has taught them.

The ‘pack mentality’ has brought our civilisation to where it is now and in order to survive, it is imperative that we work together. It can only bring us further in our evolution as humans. I can only provide you with my own opinion, but in this case I do think that Mrs. O Around the World’s advice can be trusted.

What do you think?